A – The most secured way to park is by using the and Oracle Arena parking lot. Accommodations for limousines, buses and RVs are available. Rates include a city-imposed parking tax. SKILLS has no control over parking fee. All special events at the Oracle Arena and are priced accordingly: Car & Motorcycle – $35 || RV / Limo / Bus – $85. Note that you cannot leave your car in the parking lot during non-event hours. If your car is left in the lot it will be towed.
B - You can park for free in the Bart parking lot located next to the venue. If you have ever taken Bart to an A’s, Raiders, or Warriors game, then you know how convenient this option can be. This is an unsecured lot, park at your own risk.
C - There is also free parking in the surrounding neighborhood. If you decide to take this option, please be aware of your surroundings.
D - You can park in one of the longterm airport parking lots for $7 to $11 a day. There are off-site 24 hour parking lots and are only a short cab ride away from the Arena. The parking lots mostly take reservations so be smart and plan ahead as they are 1-3 miles away from the venue. A cab line will be available at the south side of the Arena (lot GG) beginning at 1am.