The LOVE of 2014 BLOOMS with you

Grow with Skills this December 31st in the Oracle Arena and as we set the scene for a memorable night and an incredible beginning of a LOVE filled 2014.  Surround yourself with the awe of 20,000 overjoyed fans as a spectacular rotating stage/centerpiece unfolds and blossoms a whirl of entertainment beyond words. You add to the mood of the evening by dressing in the colors of love. Wear red, pink and every tone in-between as you and everyone transcend into a night of beautiful, and hard hitting dance music. With an organic design of pulsing lights and soul pounding sound, let the DJ’s capture your party spirit and make this countdown an epic adventure. 
Planning transportation home from POPNYE is a breeze.With BART running till 3am and a taxi row lining up right outside the arena to get all you party people home safely to reminisce the magical celebration and dream of the adventures that 2014 will bring. 

Every year we fine tune the Pop experience to suit the party-goer even better than the time before. Enjoy all access to the arena as tiered tickets are history and you may now celebrate where ever you like whether you decide to populate the dance floor or enjoy the spectacle from the arena seats. Get even closer to the action this year with the new tighter circular stage design that brings you the fan right up to the DJ. Or if you choose, marvel from anywhere in the arena as the artist’s performance projects live to the overhead 360 LED video-wall. Stay connected to the love, where ever you choose to party this POPNYE. It will be a love, love, love countdown with 1000′s of happy hands in the air. 


In the month leading up to the event, we will update you with additional event info and production sneak-peaks.