What will your new years resolution be? Maybe you can figure it out at POPNYE.
Rave in the new year with us and a few friends this December 31 at Oakland’s Oracle Arena.
It might just be something to truly smile about : ]

New years is not an occasion to be taken lightly. It’s a night of magic, transformations and celebrating a new. Choose wisely when considering where your magic will take place. SKILLS is ready to set the scene for that delectable journey, if you dare join us this POPNYE. As always, we are planning to design an epic arrangement of lights, lasers, and sound to surround and captivate you all through the night. The lineup speaks for itself. We can’t wait to have these artist’s here counting down to midnight with us in that incredible moment. Come to the Oracle Arena and be in the mix with all the dazzling people of the Bay Area, dancing, feeling, raving, smiling… well into the new year.